Friday, 30 December 2011


I have heard about a technique in sports psychology whereby the performer is encouraged to visualise a successful outcome to his task. It is felt that if you "see it happening" your body is more likely to "make it happen". High jumpers see themselves sailing over the bar. Golfers picture to ball rolling into the hole before they take a putt etc. Now I agree that this technique will not be of much use to me. I can certainly imagine riding down the main road in Fethiye on my bike but there are a few thousand other things I have to get right for that to happen.

However, after tea yesterday, with the help of Google Maps, I plopped the little yellow man down at the ferry terminal at the Hook of Holland and managed to literally "visualise" the first mile or so of Stage 3 of my journey. It looked like a nice road, very flat, and there seemed to be a wide cycle track next to the road, which would be nice. I could have spent a few hours and maybe completed the stage but let's just say I had other things to do. It was Thursday after all and there was beer to be drunk although the call isn't as loud or clear when you've had a drink or two every other day for the last week. We got through it though and very enjoyable it was, too.

I woke this morning and imagined what it would be like waking up in my tent. Would I turn over and go back to sleep (like I actually did this morning), or would I jump up, eager to get out on the road? For a start I would have to figure out what day it was and also where I was in the world. That could take a while. It is likely that I would have been in bed earlier than usual so I wouldn't be too tired. Also, I don't think the sleeping bag and mat will be as comfortable as my own bed so I suspect I would probably lie there for a short while and then get on with it. So you see, I have visualised it. I just have to do it now - 50 odd times.

The weather was cold and wet and miserable today but I managed a quick 11 miles at 14 mph despite the rain and hangover. I haven't done many miles this week for various reasons but I do feel a lot better today mentally and physically. Next week will be the halfway point in the training schedule and time to complete the equipment and kick on.    


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