Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17 April Stage 8 Geisenheim - Worms

Dep  850     Arr  1630     Dist  89 km     Ave ??    Total  825 km

Bike computer reset again. 

When you have a lovely, clear, cloudless sky you must suffer the consequences. It had been a nice sunny evening but it turned into a very cold night. I was snug though in my sleeping bag with all my layers on and only my nose poking out. I woke about 6.45 and opened the tent. Flakes fell onto the groundsheet, surely not? Actually it was flakes of frost which had formed on the flysheet. I very slowly got washed and ready, spending as much time as possible in the warmth of the washroom which was predictably bare of any leftover washing stuff.

The plan was to stay out of trouble by ignoring my own maps and sticking rigidly to the cycle paths today. They were well signed and, if I kept on the straight and narrow, would get me to Heidelberg eventually. I reached Eltville and was going past a Tourist Information Office so I called in. I bought a detailed map of the cycle paths for 2 euros which turned out to be the worst money I have spent. The map looked great but the paths actually wound all over the place and if you missed a sign there was no chance of picking the route up again. It's a good job the internet fiasco is preventing me creating a track. I would hate to see the route I have been today. Also, the wind was from the South which was against me for most of the day so progress was slow. One of the bags was making a noise so I spent some time tightening everything up before a major problem occurred and it turned out to be a good decision. Some nuts and bolts had become quite loose. By mid-afternoon I abandoned plans for Heidelberg and settled on Worms (cue predictable comment). Coming in from the North it looked like a horrible place but I needed to get to the centre and find a hostel. It is actually a very nice place, steeped in history. From memory, Martin Luther did something here that changed the world.

I probably used a lot of internet on my phone finding if there was a hostel but I found there was one right near to where I was sitting on a bench. Unfortunately it was fully booked - on a Tuesday? The chap gave me the name of a small hotel which looks after "radfahrers" like me. I checked in and then asked if there was an internet connection. The lady said no but there is an internet cafe around the corner and here I am, delighted to have caught up with the blog, a bit knackered and ready to plan the next couple of days.

Today's Route

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