Saturday, 12 May 2012

12 May Stage 30 Svilengrad - Edirne

Dep   1015      Arr    2.30     Dist   33.8 km       Total  3072 km

I wasn't going to blog today. I had a few drinks last night in the company of Kalin and his friends so was going to have a day off in Svilengrad, do a couple of jobs, ie, washing clothes and stitching the pannier bags, and catch up tomorrow. As it happens the ridiculously bad weather on Friday made me change my mind. It wasn't far to Turkey and the sky looked OK when I looked out of the window so I changed my mind and decided to get this small leg over with and maybe stay for a day in Edirne to follow the last day of this year's Premier League.

There was no breakfast at the digs so I decided to get on the road and use my last few Levs at a cafe somewhere. The road was very poor but it joined up with the Sofia - Istanbul highway later on which was a lot better and I bowled along on the hard shoulder. I got some grub at a mini -market near the border, made my way through the ridiculously numerous checks on both sides of the line and eventually reached Turkey, which was a pretty good feeling I can tell you. I made it to Edirne and booked into a place which will be OK when it's finished. I wandered the half a mile or so into the centre in the afternoon and had a beer for 7 YTL which is a lot more than I've ever paid in Calis or Fethiye. I then carted my bags around trying to find someone who could do some stitching, with no luck at all.. I had a doner on the way back and actually did the stitching myself. After fiddling around on the internet for a while I then went out for my evening meal but there was a big football match on and that dominated proceedings everywhere. What's more, nowhere, apart from the place I went this afternoon, seemed to sell beer. I was gagging for a drink but  made do with a chicken shish kebab. The lad said they didn't sell beer but he arrived with a can in a black plastic bag as if he had smuggled it out from the shop over the road.

What happens next depends on the weather. The forecast is OK for tomorrow so we'll see what happens in the morning.

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