Wednesday, 16 May 2012

17 May Stage 35 Ayvalik - Yenisakran

Dep  10.15    Arr  4.15    Dist  80.6 km    Total  3565.5 km

I had earlier asked Cumhur if I could eat at his little restaurant but he said he only had toast and the town would be best for me. I did some communicating in the room and found that my passport had arrived in Fethiye and would be waiting for me when I got there. Good news and thanks to Terry and the British Consul, no less, for making it happen. I imagined my little friend in Edirne thinking I must be very important to have attracted this level of attention.

When I came down, with the best of intentions, to go to the town for food and a shave, Cumhur informed me that he was, in fact, cooking and I could have fish soup and aubergine kebab with salad. I thought better of it and declined graciously. I set off and realised the town was quite a way and then saw a small shop only 50m from the hotel. I bought a razor for half a lira and went back. I asked Cumhur if I could eat there and he said 'of course'. I had a shave which took ages and hurt and then proceeded to have the most fantastic meal. It started with at least six different types of salad on one plate and all so tasty. The soup was tremendous and the main course was so much better than I had expected. I was actually allowed to drink and had a couple of bottles of draught (yes, I know). The whole meal cost a bit more than I had expected at first but it was pretty special and, with the beers, I suppose I can't complain.

Breakfast was great as well and I ate every bit and eventually got going under a clear blue sky. I had set off under heavy cloud for the last two days and managed to dodge the rain. Would sod's law kick in, I was wondering? It didn't but the wind was against for most of the day, despite a number of changes in direction, and I was quite fed up for the whole of the  ride. I was feeling a bit saddlesore as well, which was a bit ominous, but kept changing position and it eased a bit. One bright spot was when I stopped at a petrol station type cafe after Bergama. I asked for cay and water and the young lad was fascinated by my bike and kept asking me questions in Turkish. As I finished a cup he brought me another. I do love Turkish tea and needed the fluids and sugar anyway. I asked an older chap for food and he apologised and showed me racks of biscuits. I chose two and ate one packet while communicating with the youngster over another cay. I had four altogether. The man refused payment for the Turkish tea so I left a lira on the table when I went. The young lad ran after me and forced it into my pocket. He seemed offended.

I had a couple of choices with today's destination. The planned distance was around 90km which would leave a leisurely 60km to Izmir tomorrow. If I stopped short today it would only make tomorrow's ride a little bit longer and I was knackered. A distance sign then said Aliaga 19km and Izmir 80 km and I was in two minds whether to push on or not. I turned a corner and my mind was made up. The wind hit me harder that ever and almost stopped me dead. The next hotel it is then. There were roadside signs for two 'pansiyons' as I approached Yenisakran and I decided the first one I got to would be the one. I also decided I wouldn't be going far from the main road. The Sakran Pansiyon won. It consists of six little 'sheds' or bungalows nicely set out in a well-kept garden. There is a small kitchen with tea and coffee. I have had a great shower and I am sitting here now, blogging outside my place getting some sun on my white body.

There is a FIG fundraising function tonight somewhere in Fethiye, I think. Apparently I will be featuring on Skype if all goes well. I'm off for something to eat now and will return to prepare for this sensational event.

Today's track


  1. Sorry to have missed meeting you as you passed through Ayvalik, my home town. Good luck with the journey - may the wind always be behind you and the rain far away, the dogs quiet, the pansiyons hospitable and the beer good (and cheap!)
    Frances, Ayvalik

  2. Thank you Frances. Great sentiments. Sorry I missed you too. Best wishes.