Tuesday, 28 May 2013

And on the Last Day...

.....all hell let loose.

I never stopped. The remainder of the family - YT, the BYW, the even more BYD and Barney - all went out visiting and kindly left me to my manic final arrangements - up and down the stairs - in and out of the garage - until I was happy to be invaded by those remaining family members who were not being visited by my lot.

I made tea for thousands and a few coffees and, to be honest, enjoyed boring everybody with the intricate details of last year's ride until, just as they were all dropping off, the cavalry arrived home. I sloped off and watched a bit of cricket and Championship playoff footy. We then had a lovely sort of farewell meal together and I eventually packed the bags and loaded them on to the bike.

Sorted. Bedtime. What will tomorrow bring?

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