Sunday, 12 May 2013

Decision Day Tomorrow?

Bad weather and punctures have impeded my training this week. I set off the other day but got a puncture after 2 miles and had no spare tubes so phoned home for a lift. It took me a couple of days to get spare tubes so that set me back but it rained almost non-stop anyway. To make up, I fully intended doing a long, long, all day ride with the Wigan Wheelers today but bad weather was forecast for this afternoon and I decided to restrict my efforts to a morning ride only and managed a 30 mile ride up to Preston and back. It was quite windy and I got wet near the end. Dodgy weather is forecast for all of this week but I feel I need to go out and ride every day, whatever the distance. I have done nothing like the same amount of training as for last year's ride but with a full weeks training I am confident that I will be able to "grow into" the distance and will manage OK.

So there it is. I have decided that it's on. I have quite a bit of organising to do and a number of people to contact about final arrangements but don't see a problem.

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