Saturday, 25 May 2013

Headingley Test Match

The annual reunion at the Headingley Test Match went well. We convened at Phil's house on Thursday evening and went for a few quiet pints in Guiseley. We stumbled across a quiz in one place and came third. One of the questions was "If you flew in a straight line from Paris to Milan, which other country would you fly over?" If only the question had said "cycled" instead of "flew". I would have had a chance. The others had a few more drinks when they got back to Phil's house but I had a cup of tea and then went to bed.

Friday morning in the Leeds area was miserable and cloudy and the forecasts were grim so we set off expecting delays and interruptions. It was raining steadily when we arrived at the ground so we went in search of a sensible cup of tea until we knew what was going on. We called at the Original Oak in Headingley, a pub I first visited approximately 44 years ago. We resisted the temptation of an early beer and all had tea or coffee. The cricket coverage came on the TV and it was confirmed there would be no play for three or four hours. We did our best and made the tea last as long as possible but before long the inevitable occurred. The kitty was set up and seven pints of the delicious Leeds Pale were on the table and the banter was in full flow. The rain and banter continued and we supped and laughed all day, moving steadily Northwards up Otley Road. We eventually discovered at about 4 o'clock that play had been suspended for the day which  meant that we would receive a full refund.

We closed the evening with an Indian meal in Guiseley and again I resolutely had a cup of tea back at Phil's while the others hit the red wine. The weather was beautiful this morning and we enjoyed a bacon butty in the sunshine. I returned home early this afternoon and have been looking forward to my bed since I walked through the door.

Young Tom and other family members are running in the 10k in Manchester tomorrow morning so I will be there in a supporting role. Tomorrow afternoon will see me making most of the final arrangements for my own challenge.

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