Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Third of a Year

Its a third of a year since I last blogged - and what a turd of a year it has been so far.

I started it off with the best of intentions. The plan was to slowly build up my mileage and get myself in shape for this year's ride to Turkey in April, around the same time as last year, but this time using a different route. I had approached a number of good mates to ride along for all or part of the way and there was some interest so I was hopeful of a different type of adventure.

After my New Year's day ride to retrieve the car from my mum's I did a couple of shortish rides in the cold weather and then got this "man-flu" all the women talk about. I'd struggle for a week and then think I was getting over it but then find myself welded to the bed next morning, unable to move. Any time I did feel reasonably well there was a blizzard (ok a bit of snow) or other inclement non-cycling-friendly weather, ie wet, windy, cold. The training obviously suffered and an April departure was out of the question. Also, one by one, the members of the prospective entourage had to drop out, all for good reasons, so I was then confronted with riding on my own which wouldn't be a problem but I just would have preferred going with some select company.

Over the last few weeks, however, the weather has improved slightly and training has gone well. I have done a couple of 30s and a 40 and went out with the legendary Wigan Wheelers yesterday and completed 60 odd miles. My legs (and bottom) don't feel too bad today and that has given me the impetus to make the tentative announcement that there is a possibility that I am provisionally intending to set off some time in the last week in May. I am being deliberately vague because I am nowhere near as committed as I was last year for some reason and I "may not feel like it" when I get nearer to the day. Having said that the slightly warmer weather has increased my enthusiasm slightly and I feel moderately positive.

It's good to be back blogging. I just hope somebody is still out there to read it.

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