Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sporting Inspiration

Before I go on about my own meagre efforts I must say what a great performance by England to beat the World Champions tonight. It was a bit close for a while but our lads stuck to their principles, defended really well as a team and won quite comfortably in the end.

The England Football team did OK as well.

Nice to know the mighty all-conquering St Pats (probably the most famous Amateur Rugby League team in the world) are following me on Twitter. I am deeply honoured. The lads had a great win today. They came from behind with 12 men to beat local rivals Leigh East and  are on their way to a major final next week.

Checked my stats and found I have people in the USA Germany and Russia have read my blog. How good does it get?

Way to go     Благодарю тебя, мой друг    danke mein freund       (thank you my friend)

It rained early this morning but did that bother me? No. Not at all! It had stopped by the time I emerged from my pit at 10.00 am. I did my stretches and exercises, got some cereal (sponsorship available) down me and well and truly  "upped the ante". (Oooer missus). Yes, after much prevarication I finally did my 20 mile training route. I really felt OK but must resist the temptation to go too far this week. Did a decent speed as well and felt good at the end. Long way to go though  but a big step forward.

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