Thursday, 8 December 2011

Weather Concedes Defeat

"I threw everything at him today and he took it. The guy is just too tough. I give up."

That's what the weather said after today's ride. It was grim to say the least. It wasn't as cold as recently but it was raining as I left the house and a bit blustery. I suppose we are quite sheltered where we live and it wasn't until I was out there in the fields that I felt the force of the wind which was mainly from the side because the route is roughly North - South. There are a couple of Eastward stretches though and I almost came to a halt when I turned into the wind just before Chorley. The hills on these stretches were that much worse again and it was hard to keep going. But I did. I don't think I will encounter conditions like that on "The Ride" so it's good to have the experience now. If it does turn nasty there is always the option of finding a room and resting for a few days.

After I posted on Wednesday I found a decent looking second-hand bike on Ebay. After a bit of research I decided to have a go and the bottom line is that it will arrive tomorrow. It may need a few tweaks here and a visit to the LBS but there is every chance I will be out there on the new bike at the weekend. Looking forward to it. I just hope the wind drops a bit.

There is a meeting tonight of my "committee" where the drinking requirements for the early stages will be discussed over a few pints of the pale golden hoppy stuff. This will take place in the complete absence of the famed pork scratchings because the wimps who work in the town centre could not manage the walk to the butcher's in the Market Hall. "It was a bit wet and windy" was the excuse. You can imagine my response. They will receive the shortest of shrift.    

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