Sunday, 11 December 2011

New Vehicle Arrives

I need to finish off Thursday's story. It just so happened my daughter needed a lift to work on Thursday evening so we struck a deal. OK but you need to nip into the Market Hall and get me some scratchings from the butcher's. The little beauty agreed and there were indeed scratchings on the table at the end of the night. I didn't tell the committee the full story at first. They thought I actually went and bought them myself despite my earlier extreme efforts. Anyway it was a good result and we had a laugh. The beers in the anvil were unusually good. There was a Brewer's Gold, a Brewster's and a Rooster. It could have been confusing if we'd been there at 11 o'clock but we got out of there early enough and did the usual route homeward.

The new bike, a proper touring bike, a Ridgeback Panorama, arrived on Friday morning in a big box with an unfeasible amount of bubble wrap. It looked good and even I could tell that the specification was better throughout than my other bike. It needed a few tweaks here and there so I couldn't get "out there" straight away as I wanted to. I was like a kid on Christmas day. Anyway, I was a bit hungover from Thursday so, as it turned out I had a rest day. I felt OK by Saturday morning and it was better weather and I ended up doing the 11 mile route on the new bike. It felt good, and I'm sure I made the right choice and it will safely see me through my trip. The feeling was surprisingly not much different from my road bike. The computer display is metric though and I can't be bothered changing it so I will be dealing in kilometres from now on.

I spoke to a gentleman from the local bike club, the Wigan Wheelers, and found they do longish rides, 50 or 60 miles, at weekends and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting. I am thinking I will have another day of tomorrow, Monday (since it's my birthday as well) and hope the weather is OK for Tuesday. If they don't go, I will just do a long one myself.    

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