Wednesday, 18 January 2012

An Apology

In a recent blog I stated that my old mate George was "getting off his big fat wobbly backside" to ride with me to Denby Dale, or words to that effect.

I now understand and accept that this was not correct. I had occasion during the Denby Dale ride to view the backside of the man in question, for very short periods before he took a wrong turning, that is, and I can confirm that it is neither big, fat or wobbly. I unreservedly apologise to George for any embarrassment I may have caused and will get him a pint next time I see him.

The Tour of Turkey is a bike race, similar in format to the Tour de France but shorter and maybe a division below in standard of rider. Every year for the last four years or so there has been a stage finishing in Fethiye near the end of April. I have had great fun watching the television coverage, recognising the bridge near our place and the Dolphin roundabout etc. I had assumed that the race would take a similar form this year and this was the reason for the timing of my ride, i.e., with my arrival to coincide with the end of the Fethiye stage, possibly riding through the closed-off streets a couple of hours before the main race with lots of people around and thereby good publicity for the charity (and a massive pose for me). Anyway, I assumed wrong. The organisers have seen fit to race the other way around this year with stage 4 starting from Fethiye to Marmaris (BOOOOO) on 25th April. The barriers will probably be removed as soon as the stage starts and the roads will be thronged with traffic immediately. I have therefore made a decision to postpone the start of my ride for four weeks or so. This will give me warmer, probably drier, weather, longer days and a much greater choice of campsites, many of which only open on 1st April. I am a bit disappointed myself because I want to get out there but it does make sense. 

I went out on Sunday for a little 11 mile ride and felt great. I managed 14mph average which is good for me. I should have taken advantage of the good weather on Monday and Tuesday but work got in the way - heaven forbid! I hope to get out tomorrow for a long one all being well.      

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