Friday, 6 January 2012


I can't believe I haven't blogged since Monday. Where does the time go?

The weather has been particularly poor and my knees are still playing up so I have enjoyed the rest and have managed to make arrangements for a couple of trial rides over the next few weeks. I think a trial run is called a Shakedown in the Navy but I don't understand why sailors would need to go on a bike ride.  I'm a bit disappointed that the camping stuff I ordered hasn't arrived yet but there is a week to go. The first ride will be next Friday, the 13th, and this will be the same as Stage 1 to Denby Dale where I hope to camp in Steve and Maggie's back garden and try out the gear. That will be a laugh, if I get there in one piece, that is. I looked at the route elevation and noticed that there is a bit of trouble at Saddleworth, 300m climb in 5km. I may just have another look at that! A couple of weeks later I'm off to Guiseley to stay at Phil's. This is a longer ride but with slightly easier gradients. It's got to be done. If these go OK I will feel I can tackle anything over on my carefully chosen wimp route over there on the mainland.

The wind was horrendous on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but it relented just a bit on Thursday afternoon so I nipped to Billinge to see Marg and Keith. Sean was over from Turkey and in the area visiting them so it was a good excuse to do a different route. I came home the long way and it added up to about 14 miles. A few excellent beers were supped at last night's session which was quiet by recent standards obviously because of the post-christmas financial vacuum and all the lightweights are just probably fed up with going out. Not us lads though. No-o-o-o.

I went to see my chiropractor in Longton this morning and she gave me some excellent advice about my knees which I have already put into practice, so we'll see how that works out. I go and see her every three months and she keeps my back straight. I did have some serious problems in that region a while ago, no - not Longton, and she sorted me out. She's a toughie and she wouldn't allow me to ride today because of my treatment so I've just had to sit around all day. Just love that lady.

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