Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Taxing Test

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Friday. Where does the time go? Sound familiar?

The problem is that people have now got over Christmas and started thinking about doing things to their houses. Builders are back at work and have started knocking walls down and concrete batching plants have decided to move a few silos around. The outcome of this is that I have been quite busy this week. I also need to make my online tax submission by the end of the month which is a nuisance. I have done a bit but there is much more to do.

The weather hasn't been bad so I have managed to get out every other day and do a bit. On Tuesday I cycled up to a place called Sweatshop in Chorley which specialises in running shoes and other sporting equipment. They carry out a "gait assessment" and recommend appropriate trainers for runners. They also measure the bottom of your feet and check arches etc and provide tailor-made orthotics (insoles) which they say can help prevent or relieve lower limb problems. I bought a pair of trainers and a pair of insoles which I am wearing now. The jury is still out, so far.

I am ready for my first "shakedown" over to Denby Dale tomorrow, where they make proper pies. Can't wait. The weather will be fine apparently but a bit cold. Cold has never been a problem as long as it is dry. Cycling does really keep you warm, honest. The excellent news is that my old mate George is getting off his big fat wobbly bottom and he will be accompanying me so we'll have a laugh. The plan is that we will stop at Oldham or thereabouts for a snack and phone our host Steve who will then set off from base camp and hopefully meet us near Holmfirth, if we can get over Saddleworth Moor that is. We'll have to take it very easy and save some energy because we are returning West the next day. That will be quite a test doing such a long ride on consecutive days but it's got to be done. George is not soft. He's bringing a train timetable. My sleeping bag and mat have now arrived but no panniers. I rang the store and they are out of stock. Fortunately I don't need to carry much stuff  but I wanted to have a go with them on and see how it went.

I will be sending out beacons and recording the route on so we can be tracked if anyone has any doubts about our real mission.    

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