Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Back - to - Front

The weather forecast for Friday's ride wasn't very good at the start of the week. Heavy rain and strong winds were predicted all along the route. I've been checking the forecast every day on the BBC website and it has actually improved slightly. The rain should not be too heavy and the winds will be lighter although that works both ways because any wind would be from the West, i.e., behind us. The trip home on Saturday should be that bit easier though. There is another weather website,, and this predicts no rain at all on the way over and a slight chance of getting wet on the way home on Saturday. Which one do you believe? Be prepared for owt, as they say.

It was a really nice day today, blustery but sunny, so I set off on the first part of Friday's route which happens to be the second half of my standard 19.2 mile Chorley route back - to front. The ride went well with the bags half full (or were they half empty?) and I am really looking forward to teaming up with George in balmy 10 degree conditions for another epic back - to back trip with the highlight being the postponed wetting of the head of the unsuspecting week-old grandson Seth.

I'm OK for equipment for this trip but I know that a few more items are required and also that I will soon have to start riding with the full load so the plan for next week is shopping. I must also finalise my route and see about getting some maps printed off. Less than eight weeks to go.

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