Monday, 13 February 2012

West Wigan Tour

The weekend of sport didn't go too well, for me that is. My team didn't perform and then the Widnes Vikings under 20s were beaten by Huddersfield. Fortunately Everton won so 90% of my family and friends will be happy and Wigan Athletic beat Bolton, causing unbounded joy for another 5%. I do get a bit lonely at times.

I didn't manage to shake off this cold over the weekend so I wimped out, yet again. Today started off murky and miserable so I satisfied myself with some sums this morning and, in between, looked at campsites in Germany. Some of the locations along the Rhine are quite spectacular. I received a phone call from a chap in Winstanley who wanted to knock a wall down and I said I would call around later in the week. The sun miraculously came out for a short while in the afternoon and I found myself, again miraculously, cycling to Winstanley. I had rung of course to say I was on my way. I sorted him out and, as I left, I received a call from a chap in Roby Mill who was half way through his extension and had found something unusual. So off I charged to Roby Mill via Billinge Hill and Upholland. After I sorted that one out I made my way home along the canal which was a bad move. The footpath is normally OK but it was very muddy and clinging and I nearly came off a couple of times. Also a small memo - mudguards. The weather is expected to be a bit warmer this week so Guiseley is back on although some rain and wind will probably be involved. Another really exciting trip is in the pipeline for March. Details to follow.      

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