Friday, 3 February 2012

Christmas Presents

My son's name is Tom, the same as mine. Strangely though he was not named after me. We don't do that silly sort of thing in our family. No, he was named after my Dad.

Anyway, now that's cleared up I can tell you that the lad in question gave me a present at Christmas, or was it my birthday? Never mind, he bought me 12 days' membership at the DW gym, to be used on 12 consecutive days once it was activated. I called in weeks ago and took possession of my card and was told I can start using it at any time. I thought it would be best to keep it for a rainy day, or a long sequence of same and didn't use it at first until yesterday, Thursday, that is. I handed my card in and was told by the young lady on the reception that the card had expired because it was more than 12 days since it was activated. I wasn't really that bothered but I managed to look disappointed so she said I could use it for this one occasion. I went into the changing rooms and didn't have a pound coin for the locker so I thought "Sod it, I'll do a few sit-ups at home" and decided to leave. When I was passing the desk I just thought I'd ask why the card had expired when I hadn't used it. The girl rang someone and murmured and looked at the screen and murmured some more and put the phone down. I stood there patiently and the phone rang and she answered it and seemed to be ignoring me. She put the phone down and then told me she had been speaking to the manager and he had said it was ok to re-activate my card and that I could use it for the next 12 days. So a good result, apart from the fact hat I didn't really want to go to the gym for the next 12 days. I went in again and found change for the locker and did a reasonable little session. I went again today and met a few acquaintances and sort of enjoyed it. I'll probably join when the 12 days is over so young Zoe did a good job for her employer after all!

Another Christmas present I received from my darling children was this devilish little number on the right. You may be able to figure out that I can not resist a challenge and this certainly was.

I just had to do it, which meant that while other self-respecting bloggers were blogging away in their spare time there was I desperately searching for a piece with an outie bit on the left with a pink duck's beak in the middle, similar to the one on the left.

The good news is, as can be seen on the right, that it is finished so, after all the excuses about work and taxes and knees and viruses, the real reason for my lack of progress on the blog has now been revealed.

As I said on Thursday, planning has commenced on my next multi-day ride which may take place next Friday, 10th Feb, so I am looking forward to that.

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