Thursday, 2 February 2012


I haven't been feeling particularly good the last few days. I think I have had a virus of some sort. Maybe I caught it off the computer. Anyway, I'm a lot better now thanks and hoping to set off on the next phase which will hopefully include another ride over to Yorkshire next week. It has been strange this last couple of weeks. Maybe I'm a bit confident after doing the ride to Denby Dale the other week or maybe it's the postponement. It could also be that the route is decided and almost all of the equipment is here and there is not much planning left to do. Planning is possibly the best part, they say. I could also blame work but I'm starting to repeat myself, which is not unusual apparently.

Next Friday we, George and I, are planning to visit my good mates Phil and Louise in Guiseley. I will have the chance to be fully laden this time and may camp out if it's not too cold. That's the plan anyway. I just can't get enough of these hills. I will need to build up the mileage over the next week so must really get out tomorrow and Sunday. As I promised last time I hope to have something to report soon.

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