Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Weather Watch

It was bitterly cold this morning but I managed to venture out, partially laden, to the delightful village of Newburgh in West Lancs where I visited a gentleman best described as a friend of a friend who was recommended to me as someone who may be able to help and advise me on things I may need to take with me. Robin turned out to be very obliging and helpful and extremely knowledgeable about all things bike. It wasn't the most convenient time to visit but he agreed to check on things I'd never heard of such as, chain splitters, folding tyres, kickstands etc, which he felt I may need to add to my equipment. While I was there he was visited by a couple of his friends who were cycling enthusiasts who were interested in my project and I thoroughly enjoyed their company. When I say enthusiasts I mean people who have been cycling for 50 odd years which is, by the way, 45 odd years longer that I have.

I continued on to my mother's house from Robins and had a sandwich and "several" biscuits there with my mum and two of my sisters. The other sister, Cinderella, was working. The sun came out and it turned into yet another beautiful winter's day. How many times have I written that? I attempted Parbold Hill the hard way on the way home, lighter by two bottles of Dalwhinnie which I had left behind as presents for the forty year old nephews. They are now officially old enough for the good things in life, real ale and malt whisky. Predictably, I didn't manage it without stopping. I actually got one telegraph pole further than I have ever done and finished it off after a break of a minute or so. The average speed both ways worked out at just less than 12 mph which is acceptable with the bags on and that lump in the middle. Acceptable to me anyway.    

The trip to Guiseley on Friday is in jeopardy due to heavy snow forecast in the Pennine area on Thursday night. We will be keeping an eye on the weather forecasts and will make a decision tomorrow (Thursday). There's always next week, I suppose, and we have been lucky with the weather so far this winter. 

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  1. Hi Tom, I was one of the friends mentioned in your thread. So here I am keeping an eye on your blog as I said I would and hoping all goes to plan. Stay safe.