Friday, 10 February 2012


Are we going to pay now for a mild winter so far? Needless to say the weather got the better of us today and instead of pushing down on the pedals here I am pushing down on the keyboard. I intended to do a decent ride in place of the Guiseley trip but the extreme cold weather, together with a "bit of a chest" has put me off. The good news is that Phil, our prospective host over there, has become a grandfather after years of trying. His daughter gave birth to a strapping lad interestingly named, Thomas Seth. Now isn't that a great start in life, a name like that - Seth. Congratulations to Joanne and her husband, whose name escapes me.

We are hoping to help Phil celebrate next week, all being well. There is very little else to report but I suppose that doesn't usually stop me. I will look after myself for the rest of today and hope to be in good nick when the weather eases off. There is a good weekend of sport to look forward to.  

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