Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Four Weeks

Less than four weeks to go now and I'm getting excited. Seriously, I can't wait to get out there on the road. I booked for the boat from Hull to Rotterdam yesterday. It is an overnight sailing and it is compulsory to have a cabin. It would make sense for me anyway because I expect to be quite tired. The normal price is £100 or so but this comes down a lot if you are prepared to share, which I am. So, I am sharing a cabin, probably with a lorry driver or two or three. If any of the destinations are Rumania, Bulgaria or even Turkey that will test my resolve. Can't see it somehow.

I did the usual 19.2 miles yesterday and drove to Ormskirk in the evening to watch the "Derby" with George and the other Evertonian friends over there. The less said about the result the better. I rode to my mum's today and she's not speaking to me either. So that's three fully laden outings this week and still in one piece. I hope to do longer rides tomorrow and Friday and rest over the weekend. Maybe do the same next week but a bit longer every day.

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