Monday, 12 March 2012

A Typical Day?

I've been visualising again. This time I've been wondering what a typical day on the road might entail. Normally at home there are three questions. The first question when I open my eyes is, what day is it? That's easy enough. Next, for me is what time is it? It's no good me looking at the clock because I couldn't see it properly anyway so I play this little game checking on the brightness through the curtains and the sounds from the street. I'm never really far out on this one. The last is, where am I, which is easy these days.

Things will be different in a few weeks time. Yes, indeed. I would go through the normal process we all go through when we wake up but I won't have a clue about any of those three questions. If I'm on a campsite I'll open the tent and, if it's raining, I'll probably turn over and go back to sleep. If it's fine I'll probably think about getting up. First though, will be breakfast in bed. I must get enough fuel inside me, and as early as possible, for the first part of the day's ride. Breakfast will consist of cereal, probably Weetabix (sponsorship available) for which the milk will have been purchased the previous night. I'll then nip to the toilet to "freshen up" and get dressed properly. I will then do the necessary stretches, sort out the route, pack the bags, dismantle the tent and load the bike. An hour should be sufficient for all of these activities so, if I eventually surface at around 8.00 that means I will be on the road for 9.00. It will be light between 6.00 and 7.00 so I will probably be up earlier. I suppose it depends what time I turn in. Not a great deal of revelry is anticipated so I could be tucked up at a reasonable time. But who knows? What's that they say? What happens in Swabisch-Gmund, stays in Swabisch-Gmund.

The plan then will be to ride for a couple of hours, maybe find a cafe or, if none can be found, I will have a short rest and a carbohydrate boost of some sort, possibly in the form of more "breakfast", this time from a drinks bottle. Another two hour session should take me to 1.30 ish which will be near enough lunchtime and I would definiteley need a proper meal by this time. A final two hour ride would then take me to 4.00 so, even allowing for delays, I should be at the campsite by 5.00 and "settled in" soon after. Hopefully, I'll be able to take a shower and change for dinner which will be a cooked meal, probably noodles or pasta. I will then have at least an hour or so of daylight to wash clothes, check on the next day's route and keep up with communications. If I'm in a town I'll probably have a walk and maybe find a bar with some sport on the telly. A couple of beers and back to bed, maybe with a takeaway inside me. Sounds simple and rather pleasant.

I went out and did a steady 20 miler today, fully loaded. I'll try to do the same every day this week.

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