Sunday, 18 March 2012

Quiet Weekend

Since I will be out of the country for a couple of months it's only fair to give my valued clients an alternative person to sort out their problems. I was just leaving, on the bike, to discuss arrangements with the second best at my job in Wigan, when my toe caught in the front mudguard as I turned the wheel and the mudguard ended up bent and twisted with the steel ties all over the place as well. I had no time to fix it so I went in the car. When I came home I had quite a bit to do, ie, Cheltenham, and I found that with a little manipulation, the mudguard had returned to its original shape which was a pleasant surprise. I managed to fix the mudguard in the kitchen while watching the Gold Cup amongst others. I used to have a bet but I don't know enough about the game these days so I don't bother. I pick a horse out and hope it loses, with amazing success.

I went out on Saturday morning and did 24 miles around Horwich. Now that is one mean uphill drag on the other side of Horwich and I realised I had never done it fully loaded. I managed it OK and called at the LBS (little bike shop), on the way back to see about a service and some spare parts before I go. I called at St Pats this morning to see the under 18s' resounding victory and checked out the road to Wembley this afternoon in front of the telly.

No excuses this week. The weather forecast is quite good so I really must go out every day (heard that one before?)

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