Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Support Your Little Bike Shop

I was a bit concerned the other day about the weight I will be carrying on the real ride. I thought maybe I will need to get used to a heavier load so I put a brick in each of the front panniers for my ride yesterday (Monday). I chuckled to myself in the back garden. I could hardly lift them never mind ride with them on a bike. I set off up towards Preston, slowly as you can imagine, and gradually got used to the weight and distribution. I reached the area where I should be meeting George next Monday hoping to find a little cafe or a park bench but there was nowhere suitable for a rendezvous. I came back the same way fairly comfortably and after the usual bath and recovery food and drinks I rang the lad and we sorted a meeting place out by phone and email. He has had his gears repaired and additional gears added and also chunkier tyres so I shouldn't need to bring ten spare tubes this time.

I took the Ridgeback to the LBS for a service this morning and went out on the older road bike. First, though, I went up through the park towards Haigh Hall with the dog galloping in front. The path was closed at about half way because of repairs being carried out to a bridge so we didn't do the full course. Barney wasn't too upset because he wasn't feeling as fit as he used to and we came home downhill with me clinging on to the brakes. I then set off on the standard Chorley route and came home just in time to pick up the "proper" bike. I stated in a post the other day that we must make use of our little bike shops and not let the bike "supermarkets" put these lads out of business. Michael from ML cycles has done a great job looking after my bikes over the years and the help and advice he gives is priceless. This occasion was no exception. He made slight adjustments to the gears and brakes, generally lubricated and tweaked a couple of things and the bike is smoother than ever now.

All set then for the big trial run on Monday. Just a couple of longish rides between now and then and a rest over the weekend.    

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