Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Weather Hits Back

I ordered a handlebar bag from Spa Cycles on Monday. I had spent all Tuesday morning finishing off a couple of jobs and organising paperwork and there it was at mid-day. I fitted it, together with a little extender bracket thingy, which keeps it away from other stuff on the handlebars and brake cables etc. It took a while but I think it will do the trick and I think I can now do without the front bags and racks which weigh quite a bit themselves and don't hold a great deal. I then ventured out and did 11 miles or so in the cold wind, proper spring weather, just like I am used to.

A bit more paperwork and organisation this morning, or was it Test Match Cricket, and I was off to see Robin the bike man in Newburgh on the way to my mum's this afternoon. He had sorted out numerous spare parts and helpful items which will certainly come in handy on the ride and for which I am very grateful. Robin is not in the best of health at the moment so it was great of him to go out of his way to help me and I sincerely hope things improve for him over the next few weeks.

I received an email this morning from the Hungarian Cycling Federation. I had informed them of my visit to their country a few weeks ago. Along with their good wishes they have supplied me with contact details and I will certainly look them up when I reach Budapest.

Six days and counting.

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