Monday, 9 April 2012

Last Few Days

One more sleep, as the little ones say. I'm almost all set and ready for the start tomorrow. I went out last Thursday and did about 34 miles including that long hill over Horwich. I then did 22 miles on Saturday to complete the physical preparations. The next ride is for real. George is biking it here in the morning and we'll be on our way at arounf 11.00. We're expecting to get a bit wet according to the forecasts although the wind should be in our favour this time.

There has been a bit of publicity recently so there may be a few reading this blog for the first time. The first few pages tell the tale best of all so any newcomers should really go back to the start. The rest is mainly a log of how much training I've been doing , how I've been feeling and discussions about equipment with the odd tale thrown in. I have gained a lot by reading other blogs and maybe someone in the future may benefit from my experiences. The route page is very flexible.

I will be tweeting occasionally so I can be followed on @tomkel3184 and I hope to sort out enough mobile web access to record a track so people can check where I'm up to when they should really be doing something else.

A few donations have been received already which is very encouraging.

Can't wait.

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