Monday, 4 June 2012

The Days After 2 Jun

I retired on Friday night/Saturday morning at around 2.00am so, with about 10 hours sleep I obviously didn’t see much of the best part of Saturday morning. I had a huge breakfast of porridge with shredded wheat, which is what I should have had every day on the ride but never mind.

It is my intention now to develop the blog by adding photos and tracks to each post. For a number of reasons, some tracks didn’t record so I will have to try to re-create these on the bike route website and get them on the blog somehow. I may also give photos and maps pages of their own which would mean people don’t have to trawl through the whole thing again to see them, if you’ve got nothing better to do that is. I could not do this abroad for some reason or it would have been organised so I pottered about a bit with the blog for an hour or so. I think I may have finally emptied the suitcase.

I checked the sponsorship account and must confess to being a bit disappointed. I suppose it is early days but I would just ask that if you have promised to donate please do so sooner rather than later because these things can easily slip the mind. Obviously, a big thanks to those who have donated already.

In the middle of the afternoon I set off with my BYW to visit my mum and see the rest of the family. I received a welcome of near-Fethiye proportions and picked up a number of well-wishing cards from other family members containing sponsor money in various forms, which made me feel a bit better. There is a Saturday tradition at my mum’s of all-day-breakfast so I tucked in again, good style. We had a good chat there and got home in time for the England football match. At home, I just couldn’t stop eating and had a couple of cans of cider as well before retiring at a reasonable hour.

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