Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Days After 3 - 4 Jun

Sunday 3 Jun

I remembered to do my stretches and did a load of random sit-ups as well, first thing. I have lost quite a bit of weight and this was my first (and very weak) attempt at stopping the weight getting back on too quickly. It will eventually return, I am sure, but I am actually thinking that joining a gym may slow it down, although a long bike ride in the near future would give me the incentive to get out and do some long distance training. I need something on the horizon to aim at. Manchester to Blackpool is favourite but there is also a Manchester 100 in September which would be further than I have ever gone - in a day that is. 

Breakfast was porridge and cereal again and I watched a bit of telly before starting the Sunday dinner, the one thing I have missed most of all about life here at home. There was an option for Chinese but I put my foot down like a real man and got my pinny on. It was OK, back in the swing of things, peeling potatoes etc., and the end product was acceptable although I did make loads too much. It will do for tomorrow as they say.

I tried really hard but had a load of biscuits with my cup of tea for supper.      

Monday 4 Jun

I got up at the crack of dawn – Ok the crack of 8.00 - and took the dog out for a jog up the hill in the plantations to Haigh Hall. He loves jogging along as I struggle up the hill but I get my own back on the way down as he is galloping along and gasping for breath. I let him have a drink in the stream if he’s good.

It felt good to be back on the bike again, in this country, I must add, although I did have a couple of ventures out on the bike last week in Calis but only to the shop or the pub.

The afternoon saw us celebrating the Queen's jubilee at my mum's with the extended family, some of whom had returned from Calis only that morning. Tough our girls, or what? I ate loads of buffet but only drank a few cans of cider so maybe willpower is kicking in. It was a good do but we didn't stay late and I got to bed at a reasonable time.    

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