Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I have been looking at equipment over the last week or so and the dramatic conclusion is that I need a new bike, or should I say, a different bike. I have finally accepted the fact that my dear little road bike can not take panniers or a rack which are absolute necessities and I will need a touring bike of some sort which is equipped with all the attachments for that sort of stuff. I have also been looking at proper cycling clothing, lightweight tents, sleeping bags and other camping stuff and none of it is cheap. It's a good job Christmas is only just round the corner and there is a small matter of a birthday as well but we don't want to mention that do we?

I will set up an equipment page on the drop down menu and will, from time to time, add what I believe I will need. Any suggestions will be welcome. Silly ones will only be accepted if they are really funny.

Again I didn't really feel like it this morning but what a beautiful day. Cool, yes, but clear and sunny so how could I refuse? To be honest it occurred to me that one day in the future I will wake up in my tiny sleeping bag in my tiny tent and I will have no choice but to get out there on the road, whatever the weather. Can't wait, actually.

Anyway, I managed a quickish 11 miles and will have a rest tomorrow before attempting 30 miles on Friday morning. I also need to get some work done before zipping off on Friday afternoon for a weekend of good company and real ale.

There was an interesting little interlude today. There I was lording it in the bus lane with all the cars for once giving me lots of space until I heard the noise of a vehicle behind me. What the.......I was thinking. Cheeky so and so etc.  Oh, a bus, sorry.

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