Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Less Haste More Speed

I had a meeting with a young man named Danny at Wigan and Leigh Hospice yesterday to discuss the ride and fundraising generally. I was very impressed with the set up there. I was shown around and was amazed with the general atmosphere and positivity. I left very happy that I am in a position to help in some way. I must admit I am not very good at fundraising so I was pleased to see that the financial aspect is in very good hands.

I have unfortunately not been able to visit my other chosen beneficiary but have been in contact, via several emails, with the Fethiye International Group. I am hopeful that arrangements we are in the process of making will maximise income at their end.

I managed my little 11 miles today. It was a struggle three weeks ago and now it's "little". I woke up to a murky Movember morning and didn't really fancy it. I was feeling a bit tired and generally convincing myself that I would be better off leaving it until tomorrow. The sky brightened up later on and so did I so I got my kit on and set off. I thought I'd best take it easy and conserve my energy for later in the week. Strangely though, I felt great towards the end and bombed home. I took a couple of pictures of Winter Hill from two different places and was pleased to see my Twitpics (aptly named) actually appeared on my map on the SocialHiking website. 

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