Thursday, 24 November 2011

Unsung Heroes

I thought I had nothing interesting to report so I wasn't going to blog today. The thing is, the work of the Real Ale Police is never over. To protect future generations we are out there, tasting meticulously in case standards drop. I have been out for a curtailed session tonight but you can sleep safely in your beds with the knowledge that my colleagues have been to all corners of the immediate vicinity, the suburbs of Worthington and beyond, tasting obscure beers for the benefit of all.

I met with the chaps tonight after their ordeal and find I am inspired to such an extent that I had to record their efforts. Apart from that I just happen to feel in the mood - so, spell checker activated - here we go on my situation.

Yes, indeed there is quite a dramatic situation  in prospect tomorrow morning. Slight-ish hangover anticipated. The bed in the morning will undoubtedly be warm and soft. So what will it be? Shall I spring into action and just get out there and do the 30 miles as required, as promised? We are talking two hours plus here. Or shall I turn over and make some lame excuse? Remember I am off to a monster two-day drinking session in the afternoon so my money is on the good answer. I have a long, non-cycling, rest ahead of me. It will be tough but I think I'll do the right thing.

Watch this space.     

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