Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November Review

It's the end of the month so a good time to reflect on what's happened since 3rd November when I went on my first training ride which was a 5 mile ride up through the plantations to Haigh Hall with the dog panting after me, and loving every minute. I completed 33 miles that week, then 60.5, then 82.8. Guides I have read state that a weekly increase of 10% is preferable to reduce the risk of injury so I may have overdone things a bit. I suppose I have been lucky so far but I am really happy with what I have achieved and think I will be in the right shape when the time comes. I will take notice of advice though and will probably rein myself in a little over the next few weeks.  

I have been looking at equipment and have added a provisional list on the drop-down menu based on advice from various websites and forum posts by people who have done this type of thing before - God Bless 'em. Any comments and/or advice will be most welcome.

I hope to have all my equipment in place by the end of December and with a bit of luck will be training, fully loaded occasionally, on my new bike in the new year.

I managed my usual 19.2 mile route today, another tremendous day weather-wise. It was a bit cool but I never really feel it on the bike. Maybe when it drops a few more degrees I will start complaining.

It's interesting to think what the December Review will be like - more to the point - what state I'll be in on 31st December when I'm writing it.

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