Friday, 2 December 2011


I was amazed the other week to find there were people in Russia and other places reading this Blog. Well, I found out yesterday that the Russian page views were from a dodgy website which is looking for "referred spam". Being an administrator, I can see the website that the views have come from and there is an obvious temptation to click on it and see what it does. The thing is, they then get money from an advert which is all that would come up. Luckily I was never really that curious so they never got a kopek from me and they never will, so whoever you are - идти ебать себя - or something like that.

Had a wonderful evening yesterday with a rare full turn out of the Thursday gang. Excellent beers in the Anvil, Berkeley and Royal Oak as usual, together with some delicious under the table scratchings. During the proceedings, Chris offered to be my "liquid nutritionist" which means he will research local drinks at my stopping off points for me to taste and report back. I was going to remain tea-total for the duration of the trip so I suppose that's "out the window" now. Whatever happened to willpower?

Completed a cool 19.2 miles this afternoon on the "big ring" which was a great boost. I pushed hard up all of the hilly bits and felt tired at the end. It was actually nearly dark when I got back so it's just as well I put the effort in. I will update my December training schedule now while there is no sport on the telly.

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