Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Wee Cough

I was feeling a bit chesty and snuffly on Wednesday last after the brisk 20 odd mile ride on Tuesday and the weather wasn't too good so I kept my powder dry and went out for a longish one on Thursday. I set off on the A49 up towards Preston and then headed West through Lostock Hall to meet up with the A59 and came back home via Burscough and over Parbold. The result was a very long middle section of about 40 km of flatness, something I had never done before but could easily get used to. Netherlands here I come, hopefully with the wind behind. I actually managed to get over Parbold Hill without stopping which was very pleasing. The total ride was about 44 miles and the average speed was near 15mph which is quite good for me and therefore also very pleasing. I met up with the team for the usual Thursday night session but unfortunately, the next morning I had a bit of a cold. I might have been OK but I got waylaid and tempted out on Friday night as well. Predictably, I had quite a heavy cold/hangover on Saturday morning so I decided I would have a week off. The worst of the cold has just about gone now so I may go out again tomorrow and start the build up to the Brampton week, which will be four days consecutive riding with camping. Details to follow.

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