Friday, 2 March 2012

Today's the Day.....

...I would have been setting off. That's if I had kept to the original date. It was a really nice day for it as well but I know I have done the right thing. I have been looking at campsites over the last week and have found, as I suspected, that not many would have been open. Now, I can pick and chose and can go further if I feel OK or stop if I don't feel OK, knowing there are more options available.

I had a job to look at this afternoon in Appley Bridge so went on the road bike and carried on to my mum's. I had an hour there and came home over Parbold Hill with a stop at the usual lamppost. The road bike doesn't have the ultra low gears the tourer has and that is the difference. I can't believe that I was struggling through Arctic conditions a couple of weeks ago and sweltering today.

The front panniers arrived today so I will be fitting them tomorrow and may go out for a short trial with a few weights in the bags to start getting used to the balance situation. The weather isn't promising over the weekend so I may leave it until Monday before I go out again.

George has confirmed his availability for the Brampton trip at the end of this month which is excellent news. I would like to do a couple of long rides before that.  

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