Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Big Training Ride Tomorrow (Thurs)

I fitted the front bags today and also a little kick stand which was actually a great help when I was fitting the bags and will be no doubt if I'm ever in the middle of nowhere with nothing to lean the bike on. I also prepared my lunch, flavoured noodles which only require boiling water, on my little solid fuel cooker which was very quick and efficient. You can buy any number of lightweight super-duper gas contraptions for £100 or more, with a fuel canisters and fuel extra, but this little gem, which cost about a fiver with fuel, beats them all. I'm taking it with me tomorrow to see how it works in the open. I bet I forget to take matches.

I hope to record tomorrow's ride on the usual website only if you've nothing better to do, that is. The redoubtable George is meeting me up near Tarleton and we'll head off to Southport, maybe cooking lunch on the coast road.

I also had a load of cycling kit delivered today from Sportsdirect. I only ordered it on Tuesday. How's this? Jacket, 2 cycling tops, cycling shorts, 2 pairs long cycling pants, gloves, socks, waterproof pants - £74??? I couldn't believe it. Looks like decent quality  but time will tell. I'll be trying them out tomorrow.  

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