Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wireless Technology

I had a little rest over the weekend but I am back in the swing with a 20 miler today and yesterday. Yesterday I took it easy and felt like I hadn't been out at all. I had to go slow because I was keeping an eye on my progress on the GPS app on my phone which was nestling in a phone handling contraption I had just received from Hong Kong via Ebay. I was also distracted by my pulse rate displayed on a wristwatch type thingy receiving wireless messages from my Lidl heart monitor. No, its not the size - it's the shop. Add this to the wireless computer and I am up there pushing back the frontiers of modern, more like 20 years old, technology. I'm just glad the various messages didn't get mixed up, or did they? I did notice a slight headache at the end.

The ride today was pretty quick. I really pushed hard up the hills and I felt it in the legs when I finished. It would have been quicker but it was late afternoon when I went out and I got caught up in a lot of rush hour traffic. The roadworks on the way back didn't help either.

I'll have a day off the bike tomorrow and fit the new front bags, together with a kick stand I bought today. I'll get fully loaded for a long slow ride on Thursday up to Preston and home the long way round via Southport, Formby, Aintree and the East Lancs Rd, about 70 miles in all. Six hours should do it including stops. I just hope I get back in one piece and don't fall asleep during the Thursday session. Maybe the sound of the pork scratchings will arouse me.  

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