Monday, 30 April 2012

30 April Rest Day 3 Budapest

“She said she was a dancer. If I believed her it was my business.” Don’t worry, I’ve not been up to any mischief. It’s a Jethro Tull song, “One Night in Budapest” reminded to me by the legendary fellow Tull fan, Phil Roberts of Guiseley fame. I think you can get the theme of the song. Just in case there is any doubt, another line states that “her legs went on forever”. Phil’s good wishes included the hope that mine do too. The way I’m feeling now after three nights in Budapest, there is no danger.

Anyway, here I am, alone again on this Monday morning with a day’s rest in front of me and a lot of slow organisation to do. My nephew, Daniel, and his lad Ben came out on Friday night to visit me here on my mid-ride break. It was great to see familiar faces and we really had a good time in this fantastic city. We had a few drinks here and there and ate very well for not much money. When we weren’t out “socialising”, the lads did a bit of sight-seeing and took a lot of photos while I rested, caught up with the blog and organised the next couple of weeks on the road. We had a drink with Ray and Orsolya yesterday afternoon and the lads got the taxi to the airport for the flight back to blighty, where it is apparently quite cold and wet, late in the afternoon. It was sad to see them off but I think it was a worthwhile little trip for them. It was definitely a most welcome break for me and I’m raring to go tomorrow. I saw a bit more of the city last night. I went for a slow walk down to the great river and was even more impressed with the beauty of the place.

I’ve washed and lubricated the bike and need to make a few adjustments and generally tighten things up, reorganise the bags and I’ll be ready. I will be meeting Ray and Orsolya tonight to watch a bit of footy and a have a load of carbohydrates to eat. Hopefully, no beer for me but who knows?

The first phase has gone really well. It has been hard, very hard at times but I have made good progress and really enjoyed this little, but much needed break. I’m nearly half way and I am thinking of bringing the arrival date forward. I just need to make sure that doesn’t inconvenience anyone and then I’ll go for it from the outset. I’m expecting a bit more warmth than I’ve been used to over the winter and the wind direction will, as always, be critical.

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