Wednesday, 2 May 2012

2 May Stage 20 Kiskunfelegyhaza - Sandra

Dep  8.00     Arr 7.00       Dist 142.1 km       Tot  2239.9 km

I had set my alarm and duly got up at 6.30 for breakfast which I had ordered for 7.00. I would have liked to have been ready to go straight after but it wasn't to be. Breakfast was great. Muesli that tastes so bad it must be good for you. I took ages shovelling it down. I then made the customary cheese and ham sandwiches and the lady came over and said "omelette?" Scrambled egg with ham arrived and I managed to eat it all and took the sandwiches for later with an orange. I wore my long pants and high viz jacket despite the heat because of the inconvenience of applying sun cream all the time to arms and legs. I put loads on my face and hands and got going. It was even very warm at 8.00 but maybe the breeze was a bit cooler. I made good progress through a number of pretty and well-maintained little villages and towns. The road was flat and dead straight in places with flat farmland either side as far as you could see. The kilometres were counting up at the side of the road and I managed the first 40km in 2hours and a bit. Timisoara, a big city in Rumania, was my target for the day but it was a long way away. I stopped in a bus stop for a break and some food and spoke to Terry at FIG about the arrival time. I wanted to bring it forward by five days but wanted to make sure it didn't inconvenience the people at FIG. As it happened it would have been a problem but I was sure I could get there even earlier and we agreed provisionally on Friday 25th May. I will have all on to make it for that day but I do like a challenge.

The day dragged on and I got slower and slower but just kept turning them pedals round and the kms kept going up and up. I crossed the border into Rumania at Cenad and, soon after, stopped and rested under a tree. I lay down and fell asleep for 5 minutes or so. I didn't feel much better when I got going again but was determined to go as far as possible in line with my new target. As my shadow grew longer I passed a number of pensions and guest houses expecting there to be accommodation at Lovrin further on. Lovrin was actually a very quiet place and everyone I asked about hotels just shook their head and shrugged. I had settled again on camping wild but decided to give the next village a chance. It was even quieter than Lovrin but a young man pointed me to a pension type place and here I am now blogging using their wireless. The shower wasn't very warm but I managed. I've complained and they say they've fixed it but it doesn't look like I'm getting a discount. So I'm off for a meal now looking like Max Wall in my cycling pants because I've had to wash everything I have worn today.

Update - The meal was poor. Grizzly meat stew with sloppy mashed spuds, and not many at that. The lad was run off his feet with a large party and the old guy with the tights, ie me, wasn't as important. I had a couple of local beers and the second one was only half full. The old guy complained yet again but they seem to be used to it. Lovely modern building, great facilities and beautifully decorated but you just can't get the staff. I went back to the room and watched the end of Chelsea v Newcastle. Bolton's result was good for Latics. Must be safe now.

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