Saturday, 5 May 2012

6 May Stage 24 Craiova - Rosiori de Vede

Dep 11.00 (I know, yes)   Arr 6.20     Dist 110.9 km     Total 2721.9 km

What a good decision to go today and not have a day off. I took my time getting ready and wandered down for breakfast. It was a self-service type so I had a few glasses of orange and made two cups of coffee. The little lady then brought a massive basket of bread and a plate with ham, cheese, yoghurt, butter, jam and salad. It was a lovely spread and I took my time and ate as much as I could, which was loads.

I asked for directions at the desk and was a bit wary about where the man sent me. I wss right too. I saw a sign to a town with a familiar name and took a chance. It worked and I was soon back on the E70, in the country climbing a nasty little hill. Even after the hill I kept in lower gears, took my time and conserved energy, trying not to sweat too much. With it being Sunday the roads were quiet with virtually no lorries to be seen. It was pleasant but not as warm as other days so that wasn't too difficult. I had no time target so I sort of relaxed and pushed one pedal and then the other until I found I had a flat rear tyre. I looked for some shade to make the change but there wasn't any. It actually wasn't too hot which was a very pleasant surprise. I took my time and did it all by the book. The last thing you want is to do it all again. I got going and it went again. I couldn't have been more careful or methodical than I had been the first time but I checked and checked again and this time it worked. The problem was, I was then neurotic about bumps and potholes because I had no more spares. The road surface was deteriorating so I had to be really careful at times.

I was aware of big football matches being played back home so stopped under a tree to check the scores on the kindle. Two of the scruffiest kids appeared, one of each, and they prattled on with their hands out. I quickly set off and the lad ran behind me for a while. Further up the road were a number of the poorest contraptions either side of the road. They were horses and carts, each carrying the worldly possessions of a family. A bit like the Clampetts but not that funny. A little rat of a man snarled something at me as I rode past. No, the gypsies haven't gone upmarket. There were a couple of dog incidents as well today. The little darlings are only trying to impress their owners, bless 'em. A shot of adrenalin took me away from them in each case but I'm ready with my boot if one perseveres.

The towns and villages I was riding through were becoming poorer and poorer with less cars and more horses and carts on the road. There were donkeys everywhere grazing outside houses, geese and their goslings and chickens all over the place. I wasn't confident about this town I had chosen even having a hotel. I rode around the town for a while and was just about giving up and thinking of heading for the next place until I asked two ladies "Hotel, va rog?" The younger of the two informed me in a perfect American accent that there was only one and directed me. It looked very grand from the outside but is only 90 Lei (£18) for bed and breakfast. It must have been really posh twenty or so years ago but is actually very dated, although the wireless internet works OK. It does have a bath though so I can repair my inner tubes. The restaurant is closed tonight so I'll have a little wander and get something to eat.

I make it 1376km to go. 14 days riding. There may be a case for bringing the arrival date forward to 22nd.

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  2. TA LUV Glad you like it. Couldn't have done it without Dan's notebook. Well done WAFC. won't be long.

    x x x x