Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May - Rest day Mugla

I enjoyed waking up this morning at 7.20, realising I wasn't going anywhere and turning over several times. Breakfast finished at 9.30 and I only just made it. It was Turkish breakfast, buffet style which meant four cups of tea and lots of jam butties with the odd olive and slab of cheese. All the boiled eggs had gone. Serves me right.

I went for a wander this morning and changed some money, had a haircut with all the works, and bought a few nick-nacks. I had a chicken doner and a beer for lunch and have been replying to emails and sorting out paperwork this afternoon. I also looked at a few flights home which was a really weird feeling.

I actually had a sleep this afternoon for a couple of hours which surprised me. I felt OK but I must have needed it. I had my tea and a couple of beers quite late over the road. I couldn't be bothered walking any further. Walking isn't for me anymore. I need wheels. Ominous.

I will be leaving at around 10.00 tomorrow and heading for Ortaca. Just after the village of Ula, I will hopefully be meeting up with Phil and Pete who contacted me through comments on the blog. There is a long downhill section then with apparently astounding views. At Ortaca I will be meeting friends who will be accommodating me for the night. I am really looking forward to meeting up with them again. Thursday will see me make my way to Ciftlik where I will stay with more friends at a secret location before meeting up with the entourage for the ride in to Fethiye on Friday which will be a fantastic experience for me and one I'm looking forward to very much, and not just because it's the end of the ride.

I have just been informed that there has been a change to the riding in schedule on Friday. We will all be convening at Ciftlik at about 3 pm and leaving for Fethiye at about 3.30 to arrive at about 4.00 which is an hour later than originally planned.


  1. good to see that you took the Ula route and great that you are almost 'home'. Sorry I shan't be there tomorrow (I am working in Bodrum at the moment) but I'm sure you'll have a great welcome and we may meet up one day. Well done Tom. We're all special folk from Wigan.

  2. Really special to watch you arrive into Fethiye yesterday - must have been more special for you, of course! It's an amazing achievement. Well done and enjoy your well-earned rest!! :)