Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23 May Stage 40 Mugla - Ortaca

I have just been informed that there has been a change to the 'riding in' schedule on Friday. We will all be convening at Ciftlik at about 3 pm and leaving for Fethiye at about 3.30 to arrive at about 4.00 which is an hour later than originally planned.
Nice sunny morning. A few clouds about but no real threat. A bit breezy but I'm mostly downhill or flat today. Breakfast, then off.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday but I managed to make it in time for a boiled egg. Hooray. Today, the jam butties won but the cups of tea ran it close. 6 - 3. I then took ages getting ready and set off just after ten o'clock for my rendezvous with Phil and Pete who had been in touch via the blog and had offered to accompany me down the hill. There was a bit of an uphill soon after Mugla - and it was expected - and soon after, I turned off to Ula where I had arranged to meet the lads. Ula was a nice little place with thousands of old bikes on the streets. I have never seen so many in a Turkish town or village. The asphalt road changed into narrow windind paved streets and there were no signs indicating the way out. I made a number of inquiries and did a couple of laps and eventually made my way out.

I eventually came across two chaps with white tee-shirts on clapping as I got nearer and figured out these were my pals for the day. Phil and Pete were from Sheffield and Bristol respectively and lived in places away from what we would all consider as tourist areas. We went on for a bit, chatting away, good style, and then stopped for a most welcome break at what looked like a little farm, for a load of honey and bread and Turkish tea. We then careered down the hill and took a few good photos and then these lads, who I feel will be friends for life, made their way back westwards and I went on to the road to Ortaca.

I met up with my friends there and had a great reunion and am currently enjoying great company with a drink or two and a couple of short stages ahead.

Today's track


  1. Hi Tom, Sounds like you had a really eventful day. meeting friends along the way.


  2. Amazing Tom that you are nearing the end of your journey. I am sure someone will have a nice cold beer waiting at the finish line!!
    Please take lots of picture to share with us.