Saturday, 26 May 2012

24 May Stage 41 Ortaca - Ciftlik

Dep  11.15      Arr  3.15      Dist        Total 

Shaun dropped me off where he had picked me up the day before, that is, on the OTHER SIDE of Ortaca. We had figured on the way that I wouldn't be allowed through the Gocek tunnel on the bike and I wasn't really up to going over that hill. Shaun then offered to wait for me by the tunnel and bring me through. The plan was that he and Keith would go for some breakfast and then meet me at the toll booth. They went and after a minute or two I was ready and I set off after them at a leisurely pace. After 20 mins or so I saw the car at the side of the road and saw they were just having their food brought out. Shaun kindly offered me some but I had had my honey nut corn flakes so I declined and said I would just see them at the tunnel. It was a slog and a half up to the tunnel. I thought I'd be there in ten minutes but I actually only got there about half an hour after I saw them at the cafe so I was hoping they hadn't rushed their food. I was struggling a bit maybe because of the premature celebrations from the night before. It was only when I saw the profile the day after that I realised it was a similar length and climb to the famous Saddleworth Moor. The lads hadn't rushed their food and they arrived a couple of minutes after me. We got the bike in and they dropped me the other side and I set off again. There were another three fairly difficult climbs but I took my time and got to my apartment at Zakkum Villas to complete the penultimate stage.

After a fantastic shower in my own place I had an hour's rest and then went up to PJ's to see the lads from the guitar club. They were practising for a 'gig' on Saturday but took the time to congratulate me and offer their support for the final ride in to Fethiye on Friday. I just had one drink and went back for a lie down. I managed another hours sleep and a bite to eat and then Terry came for a chat with Marg and me about last minute arrangements for Friday and about the kind of things FIG do for the local kids and those from the surrounding areas. It was quite fascinating to find out about the days out and visits FIG provide for these children, some of whom are extremely poor and it made me feel particularly good about my efforts allowing them to continue this good work. After Terry went I was a bit knackered but managed another beer before retiring. It is essential I recover my drinking capacity before too long. I have lost about 24 pounds in weight and will enjoy putting it back on - no danger.

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