Thursday, 17 November 2011

Buddies and Beacons

I thought I'd post early today after my training ride and before my trip into town for a bit of business and the purchase of tonight's victuals to accompany a few proper real ales.

No burn - No gurn
A funny thing happened on the ride. Spooky even. I had set up Viewranger BuddyBeacon to record my progress and was amazed to find a text, when I stopped for a drink of water, from an old "buddy" who was following my progress on the internet. I later found out he was looking at the Blog and clicked on the link from Viewranger that I had added in an earlier post, "Track Me Down". I wasn't aware that it updated like that. A bit more education required, I think, but it bodes well for the proper ride if I can get that sorted out. Needless to say, the old codger (I'm being kind) gave me some stick about my speed but I was too shocked to make a sufficiently caustic reply. I managed the 20 (just less) miles anyway at 12.4 mph which is acceptable at this stage, for me anyway.

Here I am returning from  yesterday's effort, well wrapped up as usual. I am trying to smile but it actually looks like a grimace.Trust me.

Finally, I tried out proper cycling shoes yesterday and they felt great. My other equipment is OK for now but I think I will need better stuff and more of it. As you can see it was gloomy yesterday but beautiful sunshine today. A great day to be out and about. I'm delighted with progress so far and with so many other aspects of "the project".

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