Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Track Me Down

Had quite a productive day today. When I have more to do I seem to get organised better and actually do a lot more. Don't worry, it won't last.

Barney, the blue merle border collie, was winking at me the other day, or so I thought. As this went on the two young adults who share(?) our house decided to do something about it and took him to the vet. It turned out he had an eye infection and I am now just short of £50 poorer. The vet also said he was overweight ( I don't remember asking for a second opinion). Suddenly a rota is produced and today just happened to be my turn. No cycling for me today so, after a productive morning earnings-wise, I didn't mind taking the poor lad for a decent walk. I nearly damaged my shoulder throwing the stick so many times.

I did some "joinery" in the kitchen this afternoon, repairing hinges and shelf type things which gave me a warm glow and, if that wasn't enough, I managed with the help and patience of a young man named Russell, to get sorted with a website named Viewranger. This tracks you down using signals sent from your phone.

This evening I made a couple of visits to discuss arrangements with a couple of friends in Parbold and then in Ormskirk. I had set the Viewranger BuddyBeacon to send a signal every 5 minutes and here is the result.  


Very useful if you need an alibi. Lend someone your phone and get them to ride around while you rob a bank.

No rain forecast for a few days so I might go for a decent ride tomorrow with my new cycling shoes. See, I have been so productive I nearly forgot that major item of news.   

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