Monday, 14 November 2011

Power of T'Internet

I have a facility on this Blog to see in which country pages have been viewed. I find it remarkable that people in USA, Russia, Canada, Australia etc., have viewed some of my pages. I am fascinated and flattered at the same time. There is also a person in Bulgaria which is interesting (are you a cyclist?). I posted a link on the "Calis-Beach Forum", the other day so unsurprisingly, I now have a number of followers in Turkey and I am very grateful already for all their good wishes.

I have been working on the route today and hope to one day upload a map showing, in a decent amount of detail, the road I intend to take. The operation is taking some time, basically because I don't have the computer skills, but I will get there. For now, I will include a list of the towns where I intend to stay in the drop down menu. If you live in or near any of these towns please feel free to join me for as long as you like, as long as you don't go too fast, that is.

I have actually done a bit of work today. I woke to an unfamiliar and distant sound which I recognised from yesterday morning as the alarm on my new phone. Then I remembered it was charging in the loft, which is my workplace. So I left it tinkling away for a few minutes (20 actually) as I slowly came around. There was a day I would have rushed upstairs to switch it off. I think I may have had too many Turkish holidays.

I was soon ready for the day's training which was a comfortable 10 miles. No sense in going too far yet. It is not only the legs that have to get used to the distance. The soles of the feet, hands, shoulders and of course bum cheeks all need to very gradually get used to riding further. On a similar note, my good friend Phil emailed me earlier today with hopes that I don't suffer too much in the Balkans.

Benny hill lives on.  

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