Saturday, 17 December 2011

All Bad Things

Happen in 3s - so they say.

But before that I must finish off Thursday's proceedings or, at least, give them more credibility. The fact is, on our Thursday night tour around Wigan we had, as usual, a tremendous selection of real ales at the chosen venues and I personally had five pints of beer, all different and all unbelievably tasty. I know for a fact that this would not have been possible without the efforts of four lads from the North West of England who got together forty years ago and set up what we now know as CAMRA. I understand that the lads in question are all still with us and I therefore salute you all - Mssrs,  Hardman, Lees, Mellor and Makin - take a bow.

Friday was my hungoverish designated rest day and it was just as well. I was clocking the weather on the BBC website, and also the real weather outside, and it never looked good. What a shame "the weather" had conceded defeat so early in the contest. There would have been an honourable draw on Thursday when I went out and was forced back, but there was no way I could have got out there on Friday when there was full, proper, snow all over the place, the cyclist's no go area. So then, if I hadn't gone out today, Saturday, it would have been four days without a ride and that would be looking weak.

So off I went in the rain. I got fifty yards when I realised I should really be wearing my new waterproof pants so I went back and changed. I set off again and after fifty yards again heard a ripping sound. My new pants had a reflective strip along the hem and this had caught in the chainring. I tucked my pants into my socks and set off again. Fifty yards later my pedal clip caught on the ground and detached from the pedal. I decided there and then to give up and went home. The biggest disaster then occurred. While closing the garage door in a semi-strop I broke my fingernail. So that was it for the day. I settled down and watched the darts on telly and then researched camp sites in Holland for a bit. I then noticed the weather had cleared and there was an hour of daylight left so I clenched my teeth and off I went on my other bike and did a gentle 11 miler. It was very cold but there was no ice and I felt so good afterwards.

I celebrated my mum's 89th birthday last night with all the family. It was a really good do but I'm a bit delicate today. We have beautiful clear skies and sunshine but I won't be out today. So glad I went yesterday. Maybe a small one tomorrow and, with a bit of luck a long one with the Wigan Wheelers on Tuesday.  

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