Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Arrangements Over There!

I received two encouraging emails on Thursday, one from Terry Harrop who is my contact in the FIG (Fethiye International Group) who administer the CCC (Calis Children's Charity). There are some very positive things happening over there in that warm place. Thankfully, he didn't mention the weather. Nothing is cast iron as yet so I can't say too much. Details to follow as and when. The other was from Keith Campbell who has set up a new website - - which has a page publicising my efforts, which is nice to know. The website is worth a visit for anybody intending to visit Fethiye, or anybody curious about the town and the surrounding area.  

This morning, Friday, I made my way to Ashton (by car) and met up with Harold from the Wigan Wheelers. The weather forecast was cold but with no rain and little wind. We set off Southward, just the two of us, until we met one of Harold's usual companions coming back the other way. He had set off before us and had hit the rain and had enough. As we spoke the rain started and it was freezing rain too. We were soaked within seconds and decided to turn back and "live to fight another day". So that's just 5 miles completed today but they all count. There was a time when that would have been an achievement, for me anyway.   

Just had the rallying call from Nigel with regard to tonight's session and he has proudly announced that he has "been to the Market Hall" which can only mean one thing. My withering criticism last week has done the trick and there will be some crackling going on tonight. 

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