Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stepping Up

I really wanted to avoid using "Stepping Up" as a title but couldn't think of anything else and today did seem appropriate.

What is it with dogs and sticks? Every time I throw the stick I know for a fact he will chase after it, and he will do it all day. He will never turn around and look at me and say "No, I can't be bothered", and do you know why?
Because he can't talk. Seriously, there is a reason though. They don't get moody, do they? Why don't dogs get moody? Is it possible I'm spending too much time alone on this bike? If so, it's only going to get worse.

I took Barney down Coppull Lane to the dam this afternoon after what can only be described as an epic ride this morning. My first as a 61 year old. As it happened, the chap I had spoke to at the Wigan Wheelers, Harold, wasn't well when I rang him this morning and he wasn't sure if others were going out today. I was running a bit late and didn't fancy going to Ashton, the starting point of their Tuesday ride, not knowing if there was going to be anybody there. Instead I set off myself  in the bright but (very) chilly and (quite) breezy sunshine, on the new bike again. I did the usual 19 mile route with a big loop off around Horwich which incidentally has really good cycle lanes. This all added up to 55kms (34.2 miles) the longest I have done during this schedule. Apart from feet like blocks of ice I felt OK at the end, good enough to take the lad out anyway, after I had warmed up a bit.

Now that the new bike is sorted, I've moved on to researching camping equipment over the last few days. There are so many tents, sleeping bags, stoves etc. All different weights , pack sizes, prices, good points, bad points. It would be impossible to choose until you find that almost every item has someone on YouTube demonstrating how good, or bad, it is. Some are genuinely helpful people but there are some who just seem like some kind of wannabee TV presenters. I will keep looking and will leave my decisions as late as I need to. There's no rush. 81 days to go or is that 82 - Leap Year?

Early night tonight. Must do some work tomorrow.

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