Saturday, 14 April 2012

14 April Stage 5 Kevelaer - Dusseldorf

Dep 0835     Arr  1330     Dist  70km     Ave ??    On Bike  ??

I slept very well again and managed to get up early but still took about an hour getting going. It had rained a lot through the night and was drizzling in the morning with no sign of stopping. The cape came out of the bag and I must have looked a sight but I didn't care. I was dry. The rain stopped after an hour or so but it was still cold. I had diligently followed cycle paths the day before and had come unstuck so I decided to ignore them when it suited me and stayed on main roads like we do over here. I got a few toots but cracked on and made good time. I reached Krefeld and was then amazed to see a sign for Dusseldorf saying 20km. It was only 1100 or so and I thought I would easily make the start of the game. The sign though was for motorway traffic which didn't apply to me. I had to follow the cycle paths and predictably went wrong when the signs disappeared but eventually got to the hostel, checked in, dumped my bags on the bunk and legged it to O'Reilly's bar. There was quite an atmosphere. Lots of reds and blues from all over. I had the company of a couple of Liverpool supporters, a local lad named Andreas and a chap from Finland named Tom. I enjoyed a few beers and got back to the hostel where I am now showered and my stuff is being washed as I blog.

I am really disappointed with the internet arrangements and the fact that the tracking isn't working. 6 quid for 5MB is ridiculously expensive and goes nowhere. I phoned, emailed and wrote to Virginmobile two months ago asking them if they could do me a deal and I have just been fobbed off by them from day one. I am trying to make other arrangements but the blog or Twitter will have to do for now.  

I think I had a rest day pencilled in for tomorrow. I'll see how I feel when I get up in the morning.

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